Visual Design Studios is the open source development identity of @RobVesse

Rob Vesse has produced various open source projects over the years both independently and in conjunction with his employers at the time.

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dotNetRDF is our flagship open source project, now 5 years old and having recently hit our stable 1.0.0 release (currently at 1.0.3) it provides a comprehensive RDF and SPARQL API and toolkit for working with Semantic Web technologies in a .Net environment.

It includes support for most common RDF formats and a fully SPARQL 1.1 compliant query and update engine.

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VDS.Common is a useful utility library of data structures for use in .Net projects. It includes useful data structures like Trees, Tries and efficient dictionary implementations.

It was originally developed as part of the dotNetRDF project but was separated out once it became sufficiently useful and mature for wider use.

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SyncProjects is a .Net utility for synchronizing .Net project file automatically. This makes maintaining different project files targetting multiple .Net framework versions and profiles much easier.

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